Quiet River Massage & Bodywork -

Benefits of

Decreases Pain, Anxiety,
Stress, and Depression
Increases sense of Well- Being
Improves Range of Motion,
and Joint Flexibility
Boosts the Immune System
Relaxes Sore and Overused Muscles
Improves Circulation and Digestion
Decreases Inflammation
Releases Endorphins (natural Painkillers)
Enhances Sleep Quality
Improves Energy and Concentration
Lowers Blood Pressure
Promotes Tissue Regeneration
Shortens Surgical and Dental Recovery
Relieves Migraines and Chronic Headaches
Reduces Cramps and Spasms
Eases Medication Dependance

                                      Resource: NCTMB

Craniosacral  Therapy    Benefits:                
 Eases Chronic Neck and Back Pain 
Can Help Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries 
Treats Fibromyalgia, RA, Immune Disorders 
Improves Sleep Patterns,
PTSD, Mood Disorders 
Calms People with Alzheimer's Disease 
Improves Functional Status of
Parkinson's  Disease 
Soothes Autism Spectrum disorder
Benefits Newborns with Birth Trauma 
and Sensory Integration Disorders 
Benefits Central Nervous System Disorders 
Relieves Pressure on Nerves 
Eases Headaches and Migraines

Resource: Upledger Institute 

Benefits of
Hot Stone Therapy:
Promotes Deep Relaxation
Increases Blood Flow
Provides relief from:
Muscle Spasms,Cramping
Aids in detoxification
Provides relief from:
   Stress and Tension
   Chronic Conditions
   Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
Increases Flexibility and Mobility
                                                                                                           Resource: ABMP

Benefits of Reflexology:
Eases Pain 
Reduces Stress
Promotes Relaxation
Improves blood flow:
   To the feet, brain,
   Kidneys & intestines
Helps with aggressive behavior
Helps with Phantom Pain
Excellent for neuropathy
Aids post-operative recovery,
   Less need for analgesics
Complements cancer care:
   Reducing pain, nausea, anxiety
Eases pregnancy & delivery
Strengthens postpartum emotional balance

Resource: www.reflexologyresearchproject.org

Benefits of Aromatherapy:  

Eases Stress Migraines
Promotes better sleep
Relieves depression
Relaxes tight muscles
Reduces body aches
                                        Relieves nausea
                                        Aids digestion
                                        Clears the mind
                                        Balances emotions
    ***Improves quality of life, especially for
      people who have chronic health issues     
    **Care should be taken with young children       & during pregnancy - some oils must be
      avoided in these and other cases.
    *Mention rashes, allergies, and skin
     conditions before asking for aromatherapy.