Quiet River Massage & Bodywork -
Lucy Corey,
Nationally Certified
Massage Therapist


Specializing In: 

`Amazingly Deep Relaxation
`Chronic Stress & Pain Relief
`Slow-Breath Deep Tissue
`Surgical Recovery Techniques
`Lymphatic Drainage 
`Craniosacral Therapy
`Trager & Resistance Work
`Medical & Cancer Massage
`Sciatic & Nerve Pain Therapy
`RA, Fibro, Immune Disorders 
`PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety
`Sensory Overload
`Hot Stone Massage
`Body - Mind Therapies
`Christian Based Ethics

******** Treating  Crabby, Tired,  Achy, Burned-out  and Frustrated  People!

Lucy Corey is a   member of:
`Better Business Bureau (A+)
`National Certification: NCMT
`Associated Board of Massage `Practitioners - ABMP
`AZ Board of Massage Therapists


Ferryman's Tale
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