Quiet River Massage & Bodywork -


Lucy Corey
   Nationally Certified
      Massage Therapist

                                                                                            My current animal fascination:
                                                                                             Visit the "Testimonials" page!
I Specialize in:
* Deeply Relaxing Massage!
* Whiplash and Body Trauma
* New and Old Injuries
* Muscle Pain, Range of Motion
* Cancer, Chemo, Medical Massage
* Work-Related Chronic Pain
* RA, Fibro, Immune Issues, 
* Craniosacral Therapy, Mouthwork
* Intuitive Mind-Body Massage
* Chakhra Balancing and Clearing
* Reflexology, Head & Scalp 
* Diabetic and Nerve Pain
* Depression, Bereavement
* Burn-out, Plain Old Exhaustion,
  "Let your hair down" Stress Relief 
* Christian-Based Ethics 

****Treating achy, crabby,   tired, burned-out and                                                   frustrated people! ****

 Member of:
* BBB (A+ Accredited)
* AZ State Massage Board

      "The most relaxing
           massage in Prescott!"



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