Quiet River Massage & Bodywork -
Lucy Corey, LMT  NCMT

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

 New For Women ~
Bodywork for
Emotional  Healing

Specializing In: 

`Amazingly Deep Relaxation
`Chronic Stress & Pain Relief
`Slow-Breath Deep Tissue
`Surgical Recovery Techniques
`Lymphatic Drainage 
`Craniosacral Therapy
`Trager & Resistance Work
`Medical & Cancer Massage
`Sciatic & Nerve Pain Therapy
`RA, Fibro, Immune Disorders 
`PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety
`Sensory Processing
`Hot Stone Massage
`Body - Mind Therapies
`Christian Based Ethics

******** Treating  Crabby,  Tired, Achy, Burned-out and Frustrated  People!

Lucy Corey is a   member of:
`Better Business Bureau (A+)
`National Certification: NCTM
`Associated Board of Massage `Practitioners - ABMP
`AZ Board of Massage Therapists
"Lucy has an amazing touch with an incredible amount of intuition regarding the mechanics of the body,  energy,  and the dynamics of trauma, acute and chronic.

"I continue to be impressed at her ability to provide relief  for my chronic problems as well as new conditions as they arise. Just to list a few: vertigo, migraines, chronic back pain, nerve pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia."    
                                                            A. M.


Ferryman's Tale
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